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Where did Monkton go? - Usbone Press, 2012

Monkton Filch (formerley Wilde) disappeared in 2011 from his flight to Bermuda. This book by Paul Usbone attempts to dismantle the theories surrounding his extraordinary life and vanishing and proposes a surprising explanation.

The Almangeist: Fact or Fable? - Druscilla Ague (Forbidden Press, 2011)

An examination of the evidence for and against the existence of the prophetic medieval text.

Vampyric Lore: The Book And Its Bite - Monkton Wilde

Is the Book of Bad Things working virally through computer networks? Leading occult author gives his views in an essay already banned in over 600 libraries.

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The Morbid Arts Library (M.A.L.) was founded in 1313CE by the disgraced monk and rogue scholar Everard Septimus, a contemporary of Godwin Elmerstaff (alleged arch-collaborator on The Almangeist - the definitive collection of pre-Renaissance thoughts on The Book of Bad Things). Septimus is believed to have perished hideously at the hands of early witch hunters in Central Europe, but his infant collection of scrolls and vellum-bound manuscripts on the subject of "stronge forces in wordes unknowne and beyonde our wit" lived on, passed down through the centuries from hiding place to hiding place, growing in number and importance and finally resting here in The Morbid Arts Library in Mainz.

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Our symapthy to the family and friends of Druscilla Ague. What a horrible way to go.

2011 Workshop On Cursed Texts at University of Vilnius Cancelled Due To Bereavement